What is Cool Shop ?

In a nutshell: Passionate people, producing passion projects.

We are dreamers, with dreams. And sometimes those dreams become reality.

Magazines, books, video games, role playing, art, clothing, toys and collectibles. There are many things we wish to do, and to bring to you.

We believe in print

Print, like many physical formats, has seen a decline in recent years.

However, we are passionate about preserving that experience, and bringing you a product you can hold, appreciate and collect. 

What can I expect?

Our passion comes from the things we love, and that you love too.

We grew up in a world of fantasy, adventure, video games and seemingly endless possibility. We're creating brand-new, physical magazines, books and gaming products, filled with love, attention to detail and great content. Furthermore, we strive to create products that utilize the best of modern production, and combine them with our signature design aesthetic, to make them feel familiar, and exciting.


You can place an order at anytime of the day or night. We are UK-based, and sometimes require sleep. But rest assure, we will get your orders processed and on their way to you as soon as possible.

It feels like the magazines I grew up reading, and that's awesome!

Johnny Williams, England

This thing is so beautiful, I want to kiss it. I am kissing it!

Sarah kingston, NYC

I love physical print, and to find a magazine this cool in 2020 deserves mine and your support.

Iian Livingstone, Wilstshire